Our Podcast Is By Fans, For Fans

Discussing Trek: A Star Trek Podcast is a podcast about the Paramount+ series Star Trek Discovery, Star Trek Picard, and whatever other new and exciting show they have on the docket! What we do on our show is review each episode in somewhat excessive detail, in addition to talking all things Trek. Our podcast is by fans, for fans!

Clarence and Jonathan at Comicpalooza

History of the Show

Having worked with Discussing Network co-founder Kyle Jones on Discussing Who, Clarence Brown felt the need to talk about that other intellectual property that had been around for almost just as long. With the return of Star Trek to the small screen in Star Trek: Discovery, Clarence assembled the crew that would helm the Discussing Trek podcast, though it started under a different name.

Many years later we are still going strong. The show originally started with the core crew of Clarence Brown, Kyle Jones, Jonathan Short, Kary Brown, and Andy Sims. Over time Andy took a backseat and Jeremy Barrow was brought into the fold. Every week we aim to make the best listening experience for our audience while lending our view as mostly 90’s-era Trekkies, to the collective conversation.

Current Hosts

Clarence Brown is our host and show-runner. He shares an avid love for each of the Star Trek series, though showing a particular love for Voyager and Deep Space Nine.

Kyle Jones is our resident science-fiction specialist with a special connection to Kathryn Janeway and some other science-fiction show which shall not be named.

Larry Erby is a long time Trekkie with who has been watching from a very young age. Larry is also a beta-canon expert, with a particular fondness for Star Trek Online.

Reoccurring Guests

Tasha Pierce (After The Snap) is a YouTube personality and freind of the show. Her channel, After The Snap Movies & TV, is the ultimate destination for all things Star Trek and beyond!

Lee Shackleford (Relativity Podcast) is a writer for stage, screen, and radio with more than 150 produced scripts to his credit. His best-known works are in the deathless realm on Sherlock Holmes. Lee is a huge sci-fi geek, with a special love for the original STAR TREK series.

Former Hosts

Jonathan Shorts is an avid viewer of each series on multiple runs. He is our resident Deep Space Nine, Voyager, and Enterprise expert and has a vast knowledge of all things Trek.

Jeremy Barrow is our resident expert on all things Stargate. In addition to being a huge fan of Stargate, he has a particular love for Star Trek Voyager.

Andy Sims is one of our founding members who was our voice for the TOS-era of Trek and an all-around plethora of geek knowledge.

Kary Brown is our tech-geek and Voyager fan that gives us the practical spin on the plausibility of what is happening on screen. Our voice of reason!

Production Credits

The Discussing Trek theme song was created by Kary Brown, and the spoiler bumper was crafted by Kyle Jones. All show art and branding were done by Clarence Brown.